Boston Dynamics’ Headless Robot Dog Can Open Doors

The scariest scene since a pair of Velociraptors opened a kitchen door in “Jurassic Park” is tame compared with the headless robot dogs generated by Boston Dynamics that can negotiate stairs, open doors and deal with most obstacles in their way, The Washington Post reported.

The robotics company posted a video of its SpotMini robots last week, and has since released a sequel.

In the latest video, the SpotMini’s claw is temporarily thwarted by a man using a hockey stick. The man then presses on the door to prevent the SpotMini from passing through, and when that fails, he yanks on a strap on the robot’s rear, twisting its metal joints, which pivot for torque on the slick floor.

Robot dog prevails.

The company, owned by Japan’s SoftBank Group, is part of Japan’s investment in robotics as the population ages and there’s greater demand for elder care and other aid for seniors, the Post reported.

In a Feb. 12 video, two SpotMinis appear to navigate the same obstacle. A clawless SpotMini approaches the door, analyzes its position with cameras studded on its frame, and makes way for a clawed pal to open the door. The second robot even holds the door for the other one to enter.

That video garnered 8.3 million views in nine days, the Post reported — earning high praise from Mike Issac, a New York Times technology reporter.

Comments flooded YouTube Wednesday night in response to the sequel.

“Why do I feel sad for a robot???” one poster remarked.

“Animal abuse,” another declares.

“Yo! I saw this on Black Mirror. This does not end well,” still another writes, referring to a scene from the tech world TV show.

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