EVERGREY’s New Song “A Silent” Arc Is Way Heavy Progressive Metal

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1vedv2gPio&w=700&h=425]

Eleven albums and 20+ years into their career and Evergrey is still bringing forth heavy, powerful progressive metal. Evergrey will release their new album The Atlantic on January 25 and are premiering the heavy single “A Silent Arc” today alongside a very vacant music video.

Here’s what Tom S Englund had to say about the record.

“This is album number 11 and it’s also the third album of a concept that might have reached its destination, or at least one conclusion. It might also have been something that some of you saw coming or anticipated?

“We’ve fought through giant private obstacles as well as an extremely complicated break-in at our studio to bring this album to you. So at the same time as it’s certainly not been painless or at all easy, it’s been rewarding in new ways and our creativity has been painted in colours of honesty and sincerity.”

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