Instru-metal Act CHIMP SPANNER Announces Return, First New Material Since 2012

Chimp Spanner, the one-man instrumental metal act from guitarist Paul Ortiz, made some pretty big waves about 10 years ago with his 2009 album At The Dream’s Edge and subsequent EP All Roads Lead Here.

The latter came out in 2012 and then the project fell gradually quieter until there was nothing around 2014/2015. Now Ortiz has returned with a brief statement explaining that he’s bringing the project back, and alongside that comes a teaser of new material and a demo.

Okay it’s not “new”. But consider it a statement of intent. I’ve been neglecting my instrument and my music for way too long. Been a weird few years. But it’s time to get it done. I mean ATDE is 10 years old next year. That’s pretty crazy. Anyway, feels great to be playing and recording again. Still lots of work ahead but I’ve got my final set of ideas picked out and I’m gonna be sharing it with you all as it develops.

If you’re not familiar with Chimp Spanner, acquaint yourself here.

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