| ANC Limpopo bars VBS linked officials from attending list conference

ANC  Limpopo deputy chairperson Florance Radzilani and her treasurer Danny Msiza have been barred from attending the African National Congress List Conference on Saturday.

It is understood that the move is linked to the duo’s alleged role in the VBS mutual bank heist, in which a forensic report linked them to have been illegal beneficiaries.

Almost R2bn has been stolen from the bank, which was subsequently liquidated because it had “no prospects of being financially viable once more”, as the curators have submitted in court.

Radzilani and Msiza have been placed at the centre of looting of the bank and labelled as “political influencers” in the heist.

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The ANC integrity commission has recommended that the they “step aside” from party activities until their names have been cleared.

But it seemed like they were not entertaining that stance by the party’s commission, and continued to make their way to the list conference, where they have been barred.

The conference held in Polokwane will see the election of members who will represent the party at the legislature.

Their barring could mean that they will not be placed on the preferred candidates list to be sent to the legislature, and could be stuck only at the provincial ANC offices.

That may not entirely be the case for Radzilani, who is the current executive mayor of the Vhembe District Municipality.

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Calls for her to let go of her mayoral chain have been made by employees at her municipality.

Msiza has meanwhile asked the High Court in Pretoria to set aside the “Great Heist Report” on all the points of which he is mentioned, saying he has not been given the chance to respond to the link made by the report’s commissioner, Advocate Terry Motau against him.

He, however, denies this and told News24 that allegations of him applying to have the list conference interdicted were not true, and said he “has no interest of being on the list, so why should I interdict it?”

He said that he currently has no wish to be a member of the legislature.

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