Jeffrey Toobin: ‘Doom’ Setback For Manafort

A judge’s ruling that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort intentionally lied is “doom” for the 69-year-old, CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin said.

Toobin was a guest on Wednesday’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” and said Manafort, who was convicted in one trial and struck a plea deal in another, is in serious trouble. That plea deal, a judge ruled, is now voided because Manafort is said to have lied.

“Well, it’s doom for Paul Manafort. Yes, it’s better for him that it was only three out of five. But remember, [Judge] Amy Berman Jackson also revoked Manafort’s bail because of his behavior while he was out on bail,” Toobin said.

“This is a judge who has had it with Paul Manafort. Yes, it could have been worse. But going into sentencing as a [69]-year-old man with this kind of finding is just disastrous for him.”

Mediaite posted a clip of Toobin’s remarks.

Later in the show, Toobin commented on Manafort’s appearance from a recent court appearance. Manafort was first indicted in October 2017 on multiple federal charges, and in February 2018 he was slapped with more charges revolving around tax and bank fraud.

Manafort has been held behind bars since June 2018. He is currently in an Alexandria, Virginia jail cell.

“I saw him in court the other day. … He has shockingly declined,” Toobin said. “He walks with a cane. He appears disoriented. He is in terrible shape.

“It is just a disastrous situation for Manafort. No one needs a pardon more than Paul Manafort, that’s for sure.”


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