Ben Carson Compares Legalized Abortion to ‘Going off Deep-End’

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson took a swipe at the abortion movement in new comments Thursday, saying it concerns “the morality of our society.”

Speaking with Fox News at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Carson wondered why society has come to the point where abortion is legal — including late-term abortions.

“I think it’s a critical issue because we are talking about the morality of our society,” Carson said.

“Are we going off the deep-end here or are we still loving and compassionate people?”

Carson was then asked about a new abortion bill called the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which is getting pushback from Democrats in Congress. The bill would require abortion providers to administer immediate life-saving treatment to any babies who survive an abortion. 

Carson, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon, said people should do some reading.

“I would say please stop and spend a little time educating yourself about what life is all about, and about when babies can feel and when they can respond to external stimulation,” he said.

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