CNN: Kamala Harris Wrong About ICE Policy She Supported

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., reportedly told a falsehood about a San Francisco policy that turned over illegal immigrant children to ICE after they were arrested for felonies.

According to CNN, Harris — who served as district attorney for San Francisco from 2004-2011 and attorney general for California from 2011-2017 — said Sunday the practice of alerting ice about the illegals was an “unintended consequence” of the policy. Harris supported the policy under then-Mayor Gavin Newsom.

CNN noted Wednesday, however, Harris’ assessment was incorrect because the policy was, in fact, designed to turn arrested minors who were found to be undocumented over to ICE. That was the policy itself, CNN reported, so having illegals handed over to ICE was how it was supposed to work.

A spokesman for Harris told CNN in a follow-up the policy “should have been done differently.”

“As Gov. Newsom has said, the initial policy was intended to protect the sanctuary status of San Francisco, which Sen. Harris has always supported and defended,” Ian Sams told CNN. “We have said this policy should have been done differently, but as senator, Harris is focused on protecting Dreamers, fighting this president’s attempts to build a vanity project on the southern border, exercising more oversight of ICE, reforming our immigration system with a path to citizenship, and reuniting families separated by this administration.

“Those will be her priorities should she be elected president.”

Harris has spoken out against ICE on several occasions in recent months, even going as far as trying to compare the law enforcement agency to the Ku Klux Klan during a hearing in November.

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