DEAD HEAT, FUNEREAL PRESENCE Among The Top Tracks of the Week

Every Thursday, Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

Culled from the week’s past shows, these tracks have the Gimme Radio DJs’ seal of approval, have the listeners demanding more and the Gimme office buzzing.

DEAD HEAT – Certain Death

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Heard this one via Carlos Ramirez’s Street Ready program, and I concur with him that the LP cover and band could fit in with the 1987 Combat roster without a doubt. Great combo out of Oxnard, CA reminding everyone that the 80’s thrash/HC meld still has some good terrain to be explored.

FUNEREAL PRESENCE – Wherein Seven Celestial Beasts Are Revealed Unto Him

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Symphonic cacophony of fuzz and destruction, withering and screaming guitar figures and gutteral vocal outbursts from the mind of New Yorker Bestial Devotion. Obtuse inverted riffage, sampled voiceovers, chimes, an avalanche of black metal insanity, sculpted with great originality.


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From the just-released split with Salem, Oregon doom band Hell, Primitive Man’s newest is a woofer-shredding, low end self-proclaimed “primal death opus.” A trackname to equal the primordial sludge they’re spewing, the layers of feedback, reverberating growls and thick hate pummel ooze out the speakers. This band’s path keeps getting better.

BRUJERIA – Amaricon Czar

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Aside from the fact that the You Tube comments have lit up a big pile of dung to be thrown at the band for daring to critique 45, let’s just say how awesome it is to have this new 7″ and a new LP Pocho Aztlan, the first in 16 years. Brujeria were always about injecting some irreverance into sacred metal circles while drawing topical lines, this one lives up to the legacy.

TONY TEARS – Queen of Darkness

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Melancholy, malodorous Italian doom from the 2015 world of Minotauro, the label that has put out some unique and interesting titles (well stocked in the Gimme Radio store) from the likes of Zero Down, Matthias Steele, El Hijo de la Aurora, Ogre, and some essential Paul Chain titles (an artist definitely influencing the Tony in a big way). Started in 1988 and evolving into a trio, the spectre of Argento and other Italohorror icons looms large.

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