Rep. Maxine Waters: Move to Probe the Trump Foundation

Rep. Maxine Waters on Thursday accused President Donald Trump of using the Trump Foundation to avoid paying taxes and suggested investigating the organization, The Washington Post reports.

“There’s one thing that I think should not be missed that came out of the hearing . . . and that is how [Trump] directed payments into the foundation to keep from paying taxes,” Waters said. “I think there’s more than we know about at this time. I think that’s an area that should be looked at because I think the foundation has been used by him to avoid paying taxes on money he’s earned.”

Waters’ comments follow explosive testimony by Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, that the president directed the foundation to pay for a portrait of himself that had been auctioned off to a friend of his, among other allegations.

“The objective was to ensure that his portrait, which was going to be auctioned last, would go for the highest price of any portrait that afternoon,” Cohen said in his opening statement Wednesday to the House Oversight Committee.

“Mr. Trump directed the Trump Foundation, which is supposed to be a charitable organization, to repay the fake bidder, despite keeping the art for himself,” Cohen testified.

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