Report: Mystery Firm Racking Up Fine Fighting Mueller Subpoena

An unnamed foreign-linked company fighting against having to hand over documents to special counsel Robert Mueller might have racked up a hefty $2.25 million fine in the ongoing legal battle, Politico reported.

Citing court records released Thursday, Politico reported a federal judge slapped a $50,000-a-day penalty imposed on the foreign-government-owned firm — and it is growing and might even be boosted to accrue at a higher rate in the future.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell ruled the daily penalty started Jan. 15 — and the government reserved “the right to request escalation of the contempt fines.”

Mueller’s office apparently has not yet made a move to collect the whopping fine, Politico reported. 

The foreign-owned company is pressing to get the Supreme Court to review its case against having to turn over the documents; a decision is likely in the next month, Politico reported.

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