KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Recorded 17 Songs For New Album, Currently In Mixing Stages

Killswitch Engage‘s long-gestating new album was wrapped up in terms of recording during January of this year. Bassist Mike D’Antonio tells Wired In The Empire that the band actually recorded 17 new songs, some of which will not be included on the new album.

He also adds that there are even more recorded songs outside the 17 that were never given vocals by Jesse Leach, and that Killswitch Engage is going to figure out what to do with all the extra material later on.

“It’s been recorded. We actually recorded too many songs. It kind of threw Jesse for a bit of a loop. We had, like, 22, 21 songs that we actually completed all the music for except for vocals, and then it was time to sit down and do it, and it, like, fried his brain. It took a little while longer to write the record and finish the record. I think we did, like, maybe 17 tunes with vocals, and there are still a few left over that we’re going to save for a little bit later. The record’s not going to have that many, for sure. We’ll have some extras to play with and figure out something to do. We’ve narrowed down the track listing; we are mixing now; and all systems [are] go to get it out for 2019.”

So not only do you get to get excited about a new Killswitch Engage record, but it sure sounds like there will be a subsequent release with the additional tracks sometime in the future! The new record will be Killswitch Engage’s first on Metal Blade, and their first since 2016’s Incarnate.

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