About 55,000 Kids Could Be Displaced Under New Trump Plan

More than 55,000 children could be evicted from their homes under a plan by the Trump administration to purge undocumented immigrants from public housing, The Washington Post is reporting.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development acknowledged a new rule change could result in the children, all legal U.S. residents, losing their subsidized housing.

The current plan allows families of mixed-immigration status to live in federal housing as long as one person – a child born in the U.S. or a citizen spouse – lives there.

The new rule requires every member of the household to have “eligible immigration status,” according to the newspaper. The change is being pushed by White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.

According to a HUD analysis cited by the Post, about 55,000 of those in mixed-status households are children. Most live in California, Texas and New York.

“HUD expects that fear of the family being separated would lead to prompt evacuation by most mixed households,” the agency’s analysis said. “Temporary homelessness could arise for a household, if they are unable to find alternative housing.”

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