Rep. Hurd: It’s Mueller Who Wrote the Report and Should Testify

Special counsel Robert Mueller should testify before Congress, because “the dude who wrote the report” should be the one to talk about it, Rep. Will Hurd said Friday.

“We’re talking about a report, one dude’s opinion of a report written by another dude,” the Texas Republican told CNN’s “New Day” while discussing the demands for Mueller and Attorney General William Barr to testify after Barr’s summary of Mueller’s report has come under fire.

“Let’s have the dude who wrote the report to talk about it, and people get to ask him questions,” Hurd said. “Then we should be talking about this (Russian) disinformation strategy and how to deal with it in the future.”

Mueller will not testify before Congress next week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said Friday, answering speculation that the special counsel could come in on May 15.

Meanwhile, Hurd said he wishes senior Democrats would go in and read the less-redacted version of Mueller’s report, which just has seven lines blacked out, since they are able to do that, but also that he wishes Mueller would testify.

He added that Russia will try to interfere in the 2020 election, but the U.S. does not have a strategy to fight that.

‘We need to have a strategy on how to deal with this kind of Russian covert action in the future,” he said. We need to start because our election’s right around the corner.”

Members of the House Intelligence Committee have subpoenaed information about the counterintelligence gleaned through Mueller’s investigation, but Hurd, a member of the committee, said he thinks the committee not near the point of holding the Justice Department in contempt if the information isn’t provided.

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