Sessions Praises Rosenstein at Going Away Party

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday praised his former deputy Rod Rosenstein for his handling of the investigation into Russian election interference at his farewell party, Politico reports.

“It was no little matter. There was a continual uproar. Decisions had to be made, and those decisions fell to him and him alone,” Sessions said.

Rosenstein “made every decision based on what he thought was best for this country,” Sessions continued. “He stayed the course during some of the most difficult times during the history of the department.”

Sessions recused himself from overseeing the investigations that involved President Donald Trump because of his involvement with the Trump campaign. He stepped down as attorney general last year. Rosenstein would go on to appoint special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Russia’s actions during the 2016 election, later handing it off to current Attorney General William Barr.

Barr also spoke at Rosenstein’s farewell party, noting that Rosenstein worked under Mueller back when Mueller was assistant attorney general.

“Little did we know that we would be getting the old band back together again,” he joked.

In his own remarks, Rosenstein emphasized the importance of holding onto your principles during difficult times.

“It is most important to follow the rules when the stakes are highest,” he said.

Rosenstein will officially leave his post on Saturday. Trump has selected Deputy Transportation Secretary Jeff Rosen to replace him, and the Senate is expected to vote on his confirmation within the next few weeks.

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