George Conway to Trump: ‘You are a Malignant Narcissist’

A pair of President Donald Trump tweets decrying the spying of his presidential campaign – by the opposition administration and party – set off President Trump’s critic in chief, George Conway, the husband of White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway.

George Conway attacked the president with psychological diagnoses – “narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders” – a rip against the president viewing the attempts to thwart his election and administration as a matter of “ego,” and calling for the president to pay the price of his “office” for acting in his political “self-interest.”

Conway, an attorney, without qualifications in psychology, went on a nine-tweet tirade following President Trump tweets Sunday morning, warning against the dangers of politically motivated investigations.

“Think of it. I became President of the United States in one of the most hard fought and consequential elections in the history of our great nation. From long before I ever took office, I was under a sick & unlawful investigation concerning what has become known as the Russian….


“….Hoax. My campaign was being seriously spied upon by intel agencies and the Democrats. This never happened before in American history, and it all turned out to be a total scam, a Witch Hunt, that yielded No Collusion, No Obstruction. This must never be allowed to happen again!”

Conway, who has raised his Twitter cachet on the back of criticizing his wife’s boss, followed with a nine-tweet, scathing rebuke of the president that starts:

“Think of it. The Russia investigation was a legitimate investigation, with a legitimate basis, into how a hostile foreign power tried to interfere with and undermine our democracy. It was in the best interests of the nation—in the interests of all Americans, no matter who …

“… they voted for—that this investigation be allowed to proceed to its rightful conclusion, without improper attempts to obstruct it, if only so that we could all know what really happened and take steps to see that it never happens again. But because …

“… you are a malignant narcissist—a person with both narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders—you couldn’t view it that way. Instead of complying with your oath of office, and instead of taking stock of what was in the best interests of …

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