Democratic primaries see a surge of anti-establishment popularity

Since the beginning of the Democratic primaries, there have been a number of candidates who have seen a huge surge in popularity. While four years ago it was the establishment-loving Hillary Clinton who was poised to take the nomination from the get-go, this time it’s not so clear as to who will take that spot. Right now, there are several candidates who are in the lead, three of them who seem to be the ones leading the polls at the moment. And needless to say, most of the votes are going to anti-establishment politicians this time around. It’s interesting to take a closer look at these polls to notice what’s going on and where the primaries are headed as of right now.

Even though Joe Biden might be leading the primaries in the polls, Sanders and Warren both have a sizeable polling percentage and it seems that they’re right up Biden’s heels. Senator Bernie Sanders is looking to turn the establishment upside down by radically changing the way that the system works in the US of A by introducing things like free college education, universal healthcare, universal basic income, and so on. It would seem that his radical leftist ideas are giving him a big voter base as well. Warren has similar ideas though she might be considered as more of a moderate in this regard. Biden, on the other hand, is the most centered candidate of the Democratic primaries, and more reserved voters might be poised to vote for him.

However, there are a few things which are working against Joe Biden in this race for the Democratic nomination. The first one is the fact that the parties are getting more and more polarized by the day and there are many things which just don’t fly in the Democratic party like they used to when he was vice president with Obama. He has a some would say “right wing” agenda on some talking points and since the Democratic party has moved so far to the left, it’s safe to say that he is going to have to shift his talks if he expects to win the candidacy. If he doesn’t adapt, then he could be facing a heavy defeat.

The second thing not working in his favor is the fact that people are voting for anti-establishment candidates while knowing full-well that the candidate’s delegates are going to vote for an anti-establishment player if one of them drops out or suspends their campaign at any point in time. And finally, we need to mention some of the skeletons that Biden is hiding in his closet which might come back to bite him later. Kind of like the skeletons in the closet that people who watch Fortnite porn have. Either that or some other questionable stuff like the best teen sex games. Who knows how many secrets people, including Biden, are hiding from the public, and that might just be the deciding factor.

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