Police: Officer resigns after posting racist image


DENTON, N.C. — A reserve Denton police officer has resigned after he was accused of posting a racist image to Facebook, according to Denton police.

On Wednesday, Town Manager Kenneth Gamble said the police department had finished its investigation after Reserve Police Officer Edwin Brian Grubb posted the image on May 31.

Grubb has since resigned.

Police say Grubb posted a photo of a noose in response to a news story about property damage during the civil unrest in Greensboro on May 30.

Grub reportedly had not worked in Denton for about two years before the complaint.

The Town of Denton and Denton police say they condemn the post.

Chief Mark Hicks and Gamble said Wednesday that they wanted to “extend a heartfelt apology to the community for the post.”

“This incident does not reflect my or the officers of the Denton Police Department’s values of fairness, equality and justice under the law,” Chief Hicks said.

Gamble added, “Hate speech and divisive racial rhetoric has no place in our organization or community.”