| LIVE: Former Denel boss places Gigaba, Duduzane Zuma, Ace Magashule’s son at Gupta compound during meetings – #StateCaptureInquiry

Saloojee says Essa drove him to the Gupta compound in Saxonwold. 

Saloojee: “So then we get to the place and we go inside and I’m taken into a room and I’m introduced to Tony Gupta. Tony “Rajesh” Gupta. It’s the first time I’d met with Tony Gupta…” 

Saloojee: “So we engaged in pleasantries and obviously he says ‘How are you?’ and everything else…” 

Saloojee: “Shortly after that, Tony escorts me into another room…in that room he introduces me to his, he says, ‘This is my brother’ and he doesn’t say who the brother is, he just said this is my brother.” 

Saloojee: “His brother greets me and says ‘Hello Riaz, how are you?’ and I said I’m fine and then he turns around, and in the room was also Minister Malusi Gigaba.” 

Saloojee: “And then he says to Minister Gigaba, ‘Minister Gigaba, this is the new CEO of Denel, this is the new guy, Riaz’… and all Minister Gigaba says was ‘Hello how are you Riaz?'” 

Saloojee says at this point it was just an introduction and there was no discussion of Denel. 

Saloojee says Gigaba did however say: “These are friends, and if at some point there is anything you can assist them with (or something you can do with them at Denel), that would be good.” 

Saloojee says he later found out the other person (Gupta brother) was Atul.

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