Experts Warn of an ‘Active Month for Tornadoes’


Tennessee tornadoes killed 24 in one day Tuesday, more than twice the deaths thus far from coronavirus in the U.S., but forecasters are warning March will be “an active month for tornadoes.”

“With the weather being so warm this March, it may be more like April or May when it comes to tornadoes,” AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski told USA Today.

AccuWeather is forecasting over 150 tornadoes this March, whereas the two months following are usually the most active ones.

“In the central Plains and lower Midwest by mid-March, things could get unstable quickly, and we could have another active area there,” AccuWeather long-range meteorologist Paul Pastelok told USA Today.

The strong jet stream of the spring combines with warm, humid air flows to create tornado activity in the spring, according to Weather Channel.

Among the deadliest tornado dates in history are:

  • March 18, 1925, hitting Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, killing at least 695.
  • Palm Sunday, March 1920: 380 dead as a result of at least 37 tornadoes, per AccuWeather.

A year ago, 23 died from an Alabama tornado March 3, the deadliest day since 2013, per the Storm Prediction Center.