Barnet laying off 60 non-playing staff due to coronavirus pandemic as club’s owner calls on Premier League to help


Barnet are laying off 60 non-playing staff in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The virus has infected more than 180,000 people worldwide, which includes over 7,000 deaths.

Barnet have put their non-playing staff on notice

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Barnet have put their non-playing staff on notice

On Monday, the National League became the latest competition to suspend its matches until at least April 3.

And Barnet are among other lower tier clubs who will lose out financially during that time.

Bees owner Tony Kleanthous has revealed all non-playing staff have been put on notice.

He told the Guardian: “My head is spinning with it, to be honest.

“I believe in doing these very difficult things properly and have had personal meetings with all the staff across the club and group to put them on notice.

“It has been really hard, a tough few days since Friday and we could see what was coming.

“Apart from the players who are under contract, everybody who works here is under notice.

People in Britain have been advised to self-isolate

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People in Britain have been advised to self-isolate

“Footballers are protected in the game, but my sympathies in this crisis lie with the cleaners, the receptionists, the marketing guys straight out of college, the matchday stewards who will lose their money which keeps them going in the week.

“These are the people nobody thinks of.”

Kleanthous, who has owned Barnet for 26 years, has called on the Premier League to help non-league clubs.

He added: “I’m not looking for a handout from the Premier League, but they have a duty to football.

“They have enjoyed their billions for many years, so maybe for one year they need to say they are not spending their money on massive players’ wages and are stepping in for football itself.

“What form that takes, I leave up to them.”