Leclerc nearly breaks his arm, Lando leaves food in the oven – the week in F1 esports


Esports has been something of a gift that keeps on giving during the coronavirus pandemic. It has given racing fans the chance to see some of their favourite drivers in a whole new light.

The esports will continue on Sunday, with the next instalment of F1’s Virtual Racing Series at 1 p.m. ET being broadcast live in the U.S. on ESPN.

But there has been plenty of racing already this week, with the likes of Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris making the most of their free time by playing a variety of games online.

Here’s the best of this week’s online gaming action you might otherwise have missed.

A star is born?

Ferrari driver Leclerc has found plenty of variety in his racing games of choice recently. Leclerc, Alex Albon and George Russell spent hours on Euro Truck Simulator last week, and this week the trio were having a virtual race lawnmower race.

As ever with F1 drivers, things turned competitive pretty quickly. Throughout the stream, Leclerc was complaining about the “force feedback” of the steering wheel on his gaming rig, which controls how dramatically the wheel reacts to events on track.

At one point, after losing control of his lawnmower, his steering wheel spun wildly on the axle. Leclerc laughed and imagined the headlines if he hadn’t let go.

“Oh my god, the force feedback, it’s horrendous how bad it is. I am going to break my hand,” he said.

“Imagine that. Scuderia Ferrari driver to miss the first race after breaking his arm during a virtual lawnmower race. I would become a superstar!”

Leclerc recently admitted how much he is enjoying being able to stream his online gaming on Twitch.

“Twitch is something I never thought I’d enjoy and I never saw myself doing,” he said during a Ferrari online news conference. “But actually I really enjoyed it. For the people that follow me, I think it’s the closest you can get to the real me.

“At a track, it’s different, there’s pressure, things like this, so to be yourself is a bit different. But playing with all the other drivers, and friends, we’ve been friends for a long time, with Lando, George, Alex, so we can be ourselves, and I enjoy it a lot more than I thought.”

Burnt ends

We’ve all been there. You put something in the oven and then start doing something else … naturally you forget about the first thing you did.

This happened to Norris, last year’s F1 rookie of the year, during a game of Call of Duty: War Zone.

While in a lobby between games, Norris, who was midsentence about something else, checked the time and burst out of his seat.

“Holy crap, my food’s in the oven!” he said. “Holy crap!”

So what’s still to come?

The online gaming will continue Sunday with the next instalment of F1’s virtual racing offering. It is being broadcast live on ESPN, with races at noon and 1.30 p.m.

In place of what would have been the Dutch Grand Prix, F1 is bringing together racing drivers, professional racers, athletes from other sports and content creators for a spectacle on Sunday.

Confirmed F1 drivers taking part: Charles Leclerc, Alexander Albon, Antonio Giovinazzi, George Russell, Nicholas Latifi.

Lando Norris appears to have lost patience with the VRS after having technical issues at every event so far. Norris won an iRacing IndyCar challenge last weekend, and he is expected to do another event at Indianapolis.

From the wider sports world, AC Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli is making his esports debut for Alpha Tauri alongside cricketer Ben Stokes. British Olympic legend Chris Hoy is also taking part, while Ralf Schumacher’s son, David, is competing for the first time.