Tractor tires, sledgehammers and Tony Ferguson’s unique workouts


UFC lightweight star Tony Ferguson isn’t someone who’s confined by conventional norms. He has been known to wear dress clothes, sunglasses and fighting gloves while carrying a baseball to an indoor news conference.

He zigs while others zag.

Perhaps his most famous creative outlet is his workouts. From tossing around huge tractor tires to swinging a sledgehammer while on a balance trainer to simulating a rowing technique with a heavy iron bar while his abs scream, Ferguson likes to do things his own way.

“It’s actually just having fun with it and not getting bored,” Ferguson told “I come from a three-sport background. I played football, baseball and wrestling, I played three different sports growing up and that really stuck with me.

“So when I find myself not getting bored but almost starting to peak, I make sure and change it up just like the seasons. I make sure I keep it fresh.”

And he’s not shy about posting his latest techniques on social media. Here’s a look at Ferguson’s training techniques as we await his return to the cage on May 9 at UFC 249 against Justin Gaethje.