10 Famous Beatles Locations You Can Visit


On Location is a new series that brings to life the places you know from songs, album covers, and music history. Consider it a blur between travel guide and liner notes to your favorite albums. 

The Beatles: you’ve heard the songs, seen the footage, and heard about the places. What you may not have done yet, though, is step into their world. The Midas touch of the Fab Four has turned everyday locations from London to Liverpool — such as a crosswalk, an office building, a local street, and a pub — into some of the most iconic locations in music history.

To see these locations in person for the first time is like finally being in the same place as a partner with whom you’re in a long-distance relationship: they’re always there, but to be able to actually see them adds an almost indescribable level of surrealism. The familiar comes to life in a way that is completely anew, and as a result, the regular feels revolutionary.

Between London and Liverpool, opportunities to see some of the most seminal spots in Beatles history are abundant. From locations that inspired hit songs to the venues where significant performances took place, you can immerse yourself in the “places you’ll remember” having heard of and some that will be completely new — all of which act as cornerstones in The Beatles’ legacy.

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