Leagues One and Two abandoned? Forest Green chief rubbishes reports and suggests season will still be completed


Forest Green owner Dale Vince has rubbished reports that Leagues One and Two will be abandoned next week.

News emerged yesterday to suggest the current campaigns in English football’s third and fourth tiers will be called off in the coming days.

Forest Green are currently 11th in League Two

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Forest Green are currently 11th in League Two

The Athletic claims a points-per-game system could be used to determine promotion and relegation.

However, Vince, chairman of League Two club Rovers, insists that directly goes against the information he’s been given by EFL boss Rick Parry.

He told talkSPORT 2: “It contradicts what Parry said to the select committee last week.

“He said the integrity of the league was important, and it was important that we finished our seasons.

“He didn’t say just the Championship, he said the EFL.

“So I hope this is wrong and I think that it probably is wrong.

“I also don’t accept that finance is the drive here. It doesn’t cost you any less money to not play games than it does to play games.”

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It is understood the current campaigns must finish before July 31 to avoid the economic turmoil which would result from renewing player contracts, as well as other financial complications.

Tranmere Rovers chief Mark Palios also joined talkSPORT 2 to suggest reports of an all-or-nothing vote next week are not true.

However, he admits he does not think the current League Two campaign will resume.

“It looks increasingly unlikely that we will finish the season,” Palios said.

“Every right-minded sporting person wanted us to finish the season so we could protect the integrity.

“But the economics are starting to overrule the reality now.”