Flower shop stays afloat to commemorate mothers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — One Houston-area flower shop owner isn’t letting the coronavirus pandemic ruin a very happy Mother’s Day for all of the mothers and their family members who appreciate all that they do.

Although owner Manouch Khodadadian said there’s been a shortage of flowers at Fannin Flowers Inc., they’ve been around since 1985 and they’re still doing OK.

This Mother’s Day, they’re down 30 percent because schools are closed and events like prom have been cancelled.

“We’re not up to what we were, but we’ll take it,” said Khodadadian.

Getting flowers for the business hasn’t been easy for him.

His flowers mainly come from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, but because there’s been less work on the farms, there’s been an interruption in production and logistics due to the lack of transportation and planes flying.

It still hasn’t stopped Khodadadian or his customers.

“I’ve been coming here for 20 years and they’ve been good,” said Captain Timo, a customer. “I always buy flowers for my mom and for my wife of 25 years. I buy flowers for my daughter, so she’s a 22-year-old now.”

Despite the pandemic impacting sales, customers like Timo said they’re grateful to still have the chance to spend money on their wives.

“It hasn’t affected me to the fullest,” said Timo. “I’ve still been working. It’s a blessing that I’ve been able to work and provide for my family. So, I come and spend a little money and provide for Mother’s Day. I’m sure my wife would love it once I get home with lovely flowers and balloons. It makes me happy that she’s happy.”

Khodadadian said he had to close his other location down the street. All the flowers from that location had to be thrown away.

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