Kristen Bell Reveals Who At Home Has Been the “Biggest Quarantine Diva”


Not everyone has taken to self-isolation in the Bell-Shepard household!

On Monday, Kristen Bell virtually stopped by Daily Pop and gave E!’s own Scott Tweedie an update from self-isolation. During a game, called “Bell-ieve It Or Not,” the Frozen 2 star answered rapid fire questions about her life amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“First up, biggest quarantine diva?” Scott asked the always-relatable actress.

“My five-year-old, without question,” The Good Place leading lady declared to E!.

As E! readers surely know, Kristen and husband Dax Shepard have two daughters together, Delta (5) and Lincoln (7). Yet, it’s been her oldest daughter that’s given her a hard time about her homeschooling style.

Per Kristen, during an opinion writing assignment, her seven-year-old said, “My mom has bad reactions.”

“And the evidence was, ‘She uses a stern voice, she doesn’t believe in me and she has no patience,'” the Veronica Mars actress relayed. Talk about a tough crowd!

As for her husband, Kristen confirmed that, at the start of self-isolation, she didn’t speak to Dax for three-and-a-half days.

“It was at the beginning, because we started quarantine needing a little marriage house cleaning,” she added. “We had a huge fight and then we didn’t talk for three-and-a-half days and then we made up. And now, we’re fine!”

Despite this relationship hiccup, Kristen revealed that she’s enjoyed her time at home with her family.

“I’m a homebody in general so, I gotta say, I’ve loved the fact that our life has kind of gotten smaller,” Kristen gushed. “Our whole tribe just stays in and plays a game at night.”

Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard

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Regardless, Kristen is still keeping busy throughout the pandemic. Namely, she’s once again teamed up with La-Z-Boy, this time to honor healthcare workers on the frontlines.

“A lot of healthcare workers are not spending a lot of time at home right now,” Kristen shared about La-Z-Boy’s “One Million Thanks” campaign. “They decided to give away one million dollars in furniture to the nurses and the healthcare community so, that when they do come home, they’re pampered a little bit more.”

Furthermore, Kristen and La-Z-Boy are asking people “to share their thanks” in order to show appreciation for those risking their lives.

For all of this and more, including Kristen’s thoughts on Dax’s openness, be sure to watch the interview above!

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