100-yo celebrates Memorial Day in the garden


BRENTWOOD, TN (WSMV) – A 100-year-old woman celebrates Memorial Day at a senior living home in Brentwood where gardening, patriotism and a long life meet.

Miss Geraldine was just 25 years old when World War II started 75 years ago. On this Memorial Day, she’s as patriotic as ever.

“I just love to dig in the dirt,” she said.

For Miss Geraldine, the courtyard garden at Morning Pointe Senior Living might be her best friend.

“I just like to get in there and get my hands dirty and see the flowers come up,” she said.

American flags are part of her garden too. Her husband fought in World War II, and that’s soemthing she feels can’t be forgotten.

She jokes about her age, telling everyone she’s 99-1/2, but with a wry smile, she admits “I’m 100, but sometimes it feels like 102.”

Feisty as ever, the man helping her in the garden on Monday thinks of her differently.

“I call her Jerri, or Geraldine, or mother,” said David.

David is 78. As you can imagine, so proud of his mom.

“She is something, just the things she can do at her age is really amazing,” said David.

Red, white and blue is everywhere.

“People just don’t appreciate flowers, I don’t know why,” said Miss Geraldine. “I don’t know why. I just love flowers, I just love them.”