Andrea Bocelli Recovers from COVID-19


Andrea Bocelli has revealed that he himself recently recovered from COVID-19.

The 61-year-old opera singer said in a Facebook post that he was initially diagnosed in March, but chose to keep the news private because he “didn’t want to unnecessarily alarm my fans and also wished to protect my family’s privacy.”

Fortunately, Bocelli had a “swift and full recovery by the end of March.” In fact, by Easter (April 12th) he was well enough to stage a special special solo performance from the famed Duomo cathedral in Milan, Italy.

Bocelli also went on to reveal that he has donated his blood in hopes that it’ll help find a curse for COVID-19. “A modest — but fundamental — gesture, through which I am playing my small part,” he commented.

In a separate interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bocelli revealed that several members of his family also contracted the virus around the same time as he did. “We had a fever, then we were cold, and then we got a little bit of a cough,” Boccelli recounted.

However, even while battling the virus, Bocelli “tried to live it in a positive way with my loved ones.” “The fact is that we were all together, all in harmony,” Bocelli noted, “We were able to speak much more than we’ve ever been, and I’ve been able to read. I read the work of a mystic, Maria Valtorta. She wrote 10 volumes, ‘The Gospel as Revealed to Me.’ And then I did some sports. I moved about a bit, because you know at my age if you don’t use your muscles you can forget them.”