Martin Scorsese Made a New Short Film in Isolation


Hollywood may be largely shut down, but director Martin Scorsese still found a way to make a new short film. Via The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed filmmaker’s film about life in isolation will air on the BBC tomorrow, May 28th, as the finale of the series Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard. 

Shot by Scorsese himself, the short reportedly involves a kind of dialogue with the past. Scorsese interprets the lockdown through beloved films like Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man, testing us to look at the classic works and our current situation through a new lens.

Talking about his experience in isolation, the Hollywood icon said, “What I look forward to in the future is carrying with me what I have been forced to learn in these circumstances. It is the essential. The people you love. Being able to take care of them and be with them as much as you can.”

Other episodes of Lockdown Culture have featured Margaret Atwood and her sister performing a kitchen table puppet show, Helen Mirren and Emma Thompson reading poems by John Donne, and a discussion about the power of poetry featuring Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke. Director Lee Daniels has also contributed to the finale, discussing how the lockdown “could be a radical creative opportunity for filmmakers.”

Last year, Scorsese directed the Oscar-nominated The IrishmanHe recently executive produced a documentary about The Band, Once Were Brothersand will soon be performing the same duties for Bradley Cooper’s Leonard Bernstein docudrama.