Halsey Shot with Rubber Bullet, Shrapnel During Los Angeles Protest


Halsey was struck by rubber bullets and shrapnel and gassed while participating in a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Over a series of stories posted to Instagram, the pop singer recounted her experience on the frontlines of yesterday’s protest. “We were peaceful, hands up, not moving, not breaching the line. [Police] opened fire of [sic] rubber bullets and tear gas multiple times on us. Citizens who were not provoking them,” Halsey wrote. “Most of us were simply begging them to have empathy, to reconsider humanity and our nations history and future. The frontline did not relent. I will be returning.”

In a follow-up post, Halsey revealed that she herself was struck twice by projectiles. “Once by pellets and once by shrapnel,” she explained. “We were gassed repeatedly for hours.”

“This hit me through layers of fabric and for that, I am extremely privileged. At close range it would have caused serious injury,” she wrote in another post, which included an image of her injuries. “They were fired at peoples’ faces during peaceful moments of the demonstration. If you’re a follower of mine who ‘stays out of it’ but you’re mad I have a little bruise for doing nothing unlawful, than consider you ARE on our side. because the reality of what happens to black folks everyday is worse than my bruise. So get involved. Sign. Donate. Share links. Do something.”

In a separate message posted to Twitter, Halsey called on people to “ignore published media about celebrities pls. Engage with those you are fans of, sure, but focus on the message. And don’t let the media distort the reputation of your generation into one that cares more about famous people than black lives. You are tenacious and smart.”