Mother killed, baby dropped off at fire station


INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) — “I need help please!!!!”

Investigators said that was one of the last text messages sent by a mother before a killer shot her inside her own bathroom.

After her murder, someone took her baby to a Kansas City fire station.

Her boyfriend is charged with second degree murder and armed criminal action for her death.

On Friday, KCTV5’s Emily Rittman spoke to her family.

Camry Alonzo’s family and friends said she didn’t deserve what happened to her.

Police say her boyfriend came to East Patrol and set down the suspected murder weapon outside. Then, he went inside to confess to shooting her.

Camry Alonzo, 22, will not be able to raise her son. Her family members say she got to spend just six short months with him before her death.

“She was so ready to have that baby in her arms and hold him,” said Cathy Comstock, her mother.

“She loved him so much,” said Megan Alonzo, her sister.

Police said her boyfriend, 25-year-old Deon Sanders, told investigators he got home just before 6:00 a.m. on May 26th after drinking with friends and other women. He said he previously argued with Camry about who he was going out with.

He told police that once, inside their Independence, MO apartment, he found the bathroom door locked and got “scared” because he didn’t know who was inside. So, he fired shots into the bathroom.

Police said they found inconsistencies from what he said happened and evidence found at the crime scene. According to court records, Sanders eventually admitted to punching and kicking the locked door then shooting into the bathroom killing Camry.

“My heart with never be whole,” Comstock said.

Sanders told police he took their baby to a family member’s house. Someone brought the child to a Kansas City fire station near 20th and Hardesty. First responders took the boy to Children’s Mercy.

“I’m glad that he is safe,” Alonzo said. “I’m just waiting to be able to see him.”

While they wait to see Camry’s son, they are mourning the loss of her.

“I know she is here with me in spirit because I feel her,” Comstock said. “She is always going to be loved in my heart.”