US streets seethe for a sixth night


The Massachusetts National Guard has arrived in Boston to disperse the remaining protesters, Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio told CNN.

The National Guard is now working with police to clear protesters caught vandalizing buildings and looting stores, Procopio said.

Police have made two arrests so far, both protesters who jumped a fence and tried to get onto State House property.

“We say again, the time for protesting is over. The peaceful protest ended hours ago. Individuals now congregating and committing crimes in Boston need to vacate the area and leave our city,” Boston Police said on Twitter.

Some context on the National Guard: The National Guard is a reserve military force and the oldest component of the US armed forces.

Each US state, territory and Washington DC has its own National Guard, per the US Constitution.

National Guardsmen can be deployed for either state or federal missions. They are often called to assist in national disasters or civil disturbances, and the president can order troops for federal missions both domestically and in foreign nations.

Arrests made in nationwide protests: There are multiple protests still happening around the country, and authorities are working to clear and arrest protesters in various states.

Nine protesters were arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina, late Sunday evening, with some arrests involving weapon charges

And in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, police arrested 43 people for alleged looting and burglary. They also arrested one person for assaulting police, one for alleged rioting, one for vandalism, and one for “other/propulsion of missiles.”