Man receives wheelchair ramp built by volunteers

Man receives wheelchair ramp built by volunteers

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Two weeks ago, 6 News aired a story about an Omaha couple feeling down in the dumps after losing all their money in a scam.

But the story touched a group that decided to build up their spirits and a lot more.

Since losing a leg to diabetes, Dan Lighty needed backup to leave home.

“Yeah, this is a tough right,” Lighty said.

A Facebook grant to build a better ramp turned out to be a scam that cost Lighty and his girlfriend, Julie, $2,000 paid through eBay cards.

“The owner of our company saw the article on TV and he was compelled to do something,” said Travis Ericson, a volunteer foreman.

A crew of contractors is giving Lighty a safer way from door to curb, so he can make it to numerous doctor appointments.

“It’s important I get down better than the other ramp,” Lighty said.

Usually working on commercial construction sites, these carpenters and foremen are expert builders — and they’re making Lighty’s ramp for free.

The ramp is valued at an estimated $15,000. All these workers are donating their time and skills, about 160 man-hours.

And the workers didn’t need a work order.

“They gave us the opportunity if we wanted to work on it or not and we had more than enough volunteers to do so,” Ericson said.

The ramp is a way to channel their skills.

“Give him back the ability to exit his home safely, something most of us would never even think twice about. It’s a real blessing for us and hopefully a huge blessing for them,” said Adam Sauer, a volunteer.

Watching others build Lighty a better life, his brother and girlfriend are grateful.

On a string of humid days, it’s not just sweat but the satisfaction from giving back that’s soaked into the fabric of this crew.

A handicapped man and his loved ones taken in a scam receive a real reward.

The construction crew works for a boss that wanted to remain an anonymous donor. The workers say it’s a groundbreaking project under the company’s new MAD program, which stands for Making A Difference.

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