Million dollar pay cut for OSU head football coach

Million dollar pay cut for OSU head football coach

STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder held a video teleconference to address the internal review of head football coach Mike Gundy on Friday, July 3, and also announced that Gundy offered to take a $1 million pay cut.

Gundy’s contract was reduced by $1 million, a year was taken off his current contract and his buyout reduced, according to Holder.

Holder said, Gundy decided to make those changes on his own.

The athletic department conducted the internal review over the backlash of Gundy wearing a t-shirt for One America News Network, a media outlet known for controversy, and OSU football player’s concern of a lack of relationship with their head coach.

OSU’s athletic director said, that the internal review involved talking to around 20 former and current Cowboy football players.

“This wasn’t about a t-shirt,” Holder said. “This was about a lot of things.”

“The missing link has been a more personal relationship with their head coach,” Holder said. “They respect him as an excellent game day coach, but they want more coaching on a personal level. This crosses all racial lines. To a man, our players want a better connection with Mike Gundy. They view him as a difference maker, and they want him to help them grow as leaders. We conveyed this message to Coach Gundy, and his reaction has been everything that you would want.”


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