Fiona Prine Blasts Trump’s COVID-19 Comments: “My Husband Died on His Watch”


As of today, nearly 210,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 and millions more are still unsure about the longterm repercussions the novel virus will have on their bodies. Meanwhile, the economy has cratered and tens of millions of Americans are out of work. The live music and film industries are largely shut down, and sports teams are playing inside of empty stadiums. And, tragically, there’s no end to the pandemic in sight.

Despite this, Trump has routinely bragged about his administration’s response to the virus, going as far to give himself an “A+” letter grade. Asked if there was any area he felt he failed at, Trump identified only one — public relations — but he blamed the “fake news” for that. “I have fake news, you know, I can’t — you can’t convince them of anything, they’re a fake. But we have done – on public relations, I give myself a D,” he said in a recent interview.

Trump spewed similar nonsense during last night’s presidential debate. “We’ve done a great job! The only thing I haven’t don’t a good job at — is because of the fake news. No matter what you say, they give you bad press on,” he declared. “You could never have done the job I’ve done.”

Fiona Prine happened to be watching the debate at that moment, and was quick to call Trump out on his bullshit. She would know, after all, as she lost her husband of 24 years — singer-songwriter John Prine — from COVID-19 earlier this year.

“Can someone get that fucking idiot off the stage,” Fiona pleaded in a tweet. “My husband died on his watch.”

When a “fan” responded to Fiona by saying her political rants were “tainting” her late husband’s legacy, she responded in kind: “You have not truly listened to his body of work if you think that John had anything but distain for the modern Republican Party and all they represent. Trump is the ultimate manifestation of their self-serving hypocrisy.”

To that point, one of the final songs John ever wrote — “Caravan of Fools” — was made with the Trump Administration in mind.

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