Kellyanne Tests Positive for COVID-19

Kellyanne Tests Positive for COVID-19

Presidential adviser and aide Kellyanne Conway has reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus, on the same day that President Donald Trump was hospitalized at Walter Reed military medical center for the same condition.

According to The Sun, Conway’s daughter, Claudia, posted a string of videos on TikTok on Friday, in which she described her mom “coughing all around the house.”

Conway herself confirmed her positive test result via Twitter. 

“Tonight I tested positive for COVID-19,” she said in a tweet Friday night. “My symptoms are mild (light cough) and I’m feeling fine. I have begun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians. As always, my heart is with everyone affected by this global pandemic.

Conway, 53, has been an ally of Trump for years and worked for his 2016 campaign. Seft her job at the White House over the summer, but remains an ally and leading Trump surrogate.

Last week, The Sun noted, Conway attended a ceremony at the Rose Garden for the president’s latest nominee to the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett. 

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