Steve Forbes to Newsmax TV: Trump Policies Have Created a Strong Economy

Steve Forbes to Newsmax TV: Trump Policies Have Created a Strong Economy

President Donald Trump’s policies have helped create jobs and pushed the economy to perform well, even after news of his illness caused the stock market to dip slightly, publisher and author Steve Forbes told Newsmax TV Friday.

“The market … recovered during the day, and that jobs report, which the mainstream media tried to play down, was actually very strong,” Forbes said Friday during an appearance on “Stinchfield.”

“In the private sector, 865,000-plus jobs were created. The reason why the number didn’t go up as much as the economists had forecast was because 200,000 government workers were not working. And the reason they weren’t working is they’re teachers, and the schools weren’t opening because of concerns of COVID.

“The Atlanta Fed [The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta], which tries to forecast the GDP on an ongoing basis, revised their third-quarter estimate up two and a half points compared to a week ago,” Forbes said. “I think the markets were reacting the fact, hopefully, that President Trump’s policies will continue. And hopefully, they will.”

Trump tested positive for coronavirus late Thursday and is receiving treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center. 

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