Tchami x Gunna Might Be Our Favorite ‘YEAR ZERO’ ID Yet [WATCH]


The more we hear of Tchami‘s debut album YEAR ZERO, the more we know it’s one of our absolute favorite releases of 2020.

The footage below, from back when concerts were still a thing, puts emphasis on an upcoming collaboration on Tchami’s new album. The unreleased track, “Praise” featuring Gunna, perfectly crossovers the vibe of a massive house track with a hip hop leaned club banger.

Thanks to a fan on r/EDM we have an early preview, but he’s been playing out the track for quite some time. Scroll down for a clip of the same track from another Elevation Tour stop.

In addition, Tchami just uploaded his Confession Livestream in full. The hour-long mix features YEAR ZERO productions, “Born Again,” “Buenos Aires,” and “Faith” featuring Marlena Shaw.

Listen and let us know if you’re ready for YEAR ZERO!

Tchami x Gunna

Tchami x Gunna upcoming ID on Tchami’s Year Zero album from EDM

ID on this track from his elevation tour? I should’ve recorded longer 😞 from tchami

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