Americans for Tax Reform, Others Oppose Nationalized 5G

Americans for Tax Reform, Others Oppose Nationalized 5G

Several dozen right-leaning groups have pledged their support of opposition to a nationalized 5G network.

According to Next TV, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform is leading the effort to push back on the idea. The groups wrote a letter to Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., to support his stance on the issue.

“We write to thank you for your recent letter supporting the American competitive approach to 5G deployment, which is private sector driven and private sector led,” the letter reads. “We agree that nationalizing 5G and experimenting with untested models for 5G deployment is not the way the United States wins the 5G race. Deployment of 5G should not rely on the government but should focus on unleashing the private sector and the free market.

“We too are concerned with the Department of Defense Request for Information on a government-managed process for 5G development and are alarmed with how quickly it is proceeding. Even more disturbing are the rumors that the RFI was only for show and that the DoD already has an RFP it plans to greenlight.”

The race to develop a widespread 5G network is international, and many U.S. and Western officials are concerned about China’s advances in the technology.

Some cellular companies have begun to roll out 5G networks on a small scale, but a national network of this high-speed technology is still in the works.


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