Liberals Present Progressive Roadmap for Biden


Liberal politicians, activists, and groups unveiled a 1,000-page progressive plan that they hope Democrat Joe Biden, should he become president, would consider implementing next year.

According to Politico, the Working Families Party put together the “People’s Charter,” which includes ideas on giving free healthcare to all Americans, a job creation program, hazard pay for essential workers during the pandemic, and more.

Among the contributors to the plan are members of the left-leaning “squad:” Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

“There is no doubt we need to evict Donald Trump and immediately begin the work of repairing and rebuilding stronger,” Pressley said. “Our country is facing overlapping crises of public health, economic inequality, and systemic racism. The People’s Charter offers a pathway to work together toward healing and justice for everyone.”

Black Lives Matter is also part of the effort, along with officials in organized labor and various progressive groups.

Politico noted that Biden backs portions of the proposal, including free COVID-19 testing and halting evictions and foreclosures during the pandemic. But he opposes things like single-payer healthcare and defunding police departments.

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., also supports the proposal and said, “It’s putting a stake in the ground that we believe Joe Biden can become a New Deal 2.0 president. He has talked about the crisis that Roosevelt faced. He has talked about wanting to have a new New Deal for the 21st century. That should be the direction he goes instead of the incrementalism of the ’90s.”

The Working Families Party initially endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., for president, and then Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., two progressives.