Trump: Harris a ‘Communist’; Biden Won’t Last 2 Months


President Donald Trump Thursday slammed Democrat vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris as a “communist” and a “monster” and claimed that if former Vice President Joe Biden is elected president, she will take over the White House within two months. 

Trump also told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo in a wide-ranging interview that Harris wants to “open up the borders to allow killers and murderers and rapists to pour into our country.”

“I thought there wasn’t even a contest last night,” Trump said. “I thought there wasn’t even a contest last night. She was terrible. I don’t think you could get [anybody] worse. Totally unlikeable.”

But, she’ll be taking over soon if Biden wins, Trump contended.

“I sat next to Joe, looked at Joe,” said Trump. “Joe is not lasting two months as president, that is my opinion.”

He also slammed the Biden campaign for leaving its negative ads about him up. The campaign had promised to take the ads down when Trump tested positive for coronavirus. 

Then, Trump swung back to Harris, insisting that she is a “communist, not a socialist” because her views are further left than those of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. 

“We’re going to have a communist within a month,” Trump said. “She wants to open up the borders to allow killers and murderers and rapists to pour into our country.”

The nation, he added, has the “tightest borders ever right now,” with border wall construction “up to 350 miles long.”

“It will be finished very soon, a tremendous impact, and frankly we are working along very well with Mexico,” said Trump. “We are throwing out tens of thousands of people. They’re murderers and they’re rapists.”

He also insisted Harris “laughed about” the campaign’s changing stance on energy and fracking, and said the campaign has latched onto a “manifesto” from Sanders. 

“That is no fracking, open borders, you know with sanctuary cities probably still doing sanctuary cities for whatever reason,” said Trump. “[Biden] says ‘no fracking’ for months during the Democrat debates then gets up and he says, ‘No, we’re going to frack.’ Pennsylvania will never go for him.”

But Harris said it was a fact that fracking would end, said Trump. 

“It was a key theme in terms of turning the economy around,” said Trump. “You opened the spigot on energy, along with cutting taxes.”