Ruby Rose: Inside a Day in My Life

Ruby Rose: Inside a Day in My Life

Ruby Rose is a busy lady. In the last year alone, she played the lead in a television series, voiced a role in an animated film and starred in an action-packed thriller.

That jam-packed schedule of hers, however, isn’t stopping anytime soon, especially since she has more projects in the works for 2021. Still, though, the actress, 34, always manages to make time in her day-to-day life for her favorite things — like working out.

“I didn’t work out for a long time [before the pandemic],” the Doorman star exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “I gave myself some time off to just eat what I wanted and watch TV and read and relax. I needed it. But I will say it is a lot harder to bounce back after 30 than it is in your 20s.”

Now that she’s back in the swing of things, Rose has been exercising at Gloveworx, which “has been an obsession of mine” she continues. “It takes me back to my boxing roots and it always makes me feel happier and healthier after.”

The Australia native also likes to play music during her downtime. “I find it very healing,” she notes.

And she’s always in the kitchen too. “I look cooking,” adds the Batwoman alum. “Not many people know that about me except my friends.”

Another favorite hobby of hers? “I love to read,” says the Orange Is the New Black alum. “Although recently, I’ve been getting new exciting scripts everyday so that’s taking up most of my time.”

Want to know what else Rose does during a typical day when she’s not on set? Keep scrolling to find out!


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