Eva Mendes Talks Raising Her Kids With Ryan Gosling and Hints at Her “Ambition” to Act Again


Eva Mendes is keeping it real.

While the actress is notoriously private, she recently shared some rare insight into her personal life. In a candid interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, the 46-year-old star opened up about her quarantine experience with Ryan Gosling and their two daughters, Esmeralda, 6, and Amada, 4.

At the same time, Eva hinted that she’s ready to make a Hollywood comeback. “I feel like, as far as my ambition, it didn’t go away, it just shifted onto the children,” she explained to the outlet.

“I applaud and look up to those women who can do it all, but I’m not one of them,” she continued, “and, thankfully, I have a choice not to work and I realize how fortunate I am that it’s even a choice. I’ve been so happy to be able to incubate with my babies, but now they are four and six, I’m starting to feel like my ambition is coming back.”