Ferrari fires up 2021 car for first time


Ferrari has fired up the engine of its 2021 car for the first time ahead of its launch on February.

Ferrari is coming off the back of its worst season in recent memory. It finished 2020 in sixth position – its lowest finish since the 1980 season.

On Friday, Ferrari posted a short video to its social channels, which started with text on a red screen, introducing its new car, dubbed the SF21.

“Our 2021 season starts here,” it said. “We can expect plenty of challenges along thr way and we are deteremined to do better.

“The car has been improved in all areas where developments are permitted. We must work in a determined and focused way aware of where we were and where we want to go.

But now it’s time for the SF21 to do the talking.”

That was followed by a shot of the car’s airbox and the sound of its new engine being turned on.

The team’s driver lineup has changed for 2021, with Carlos Sainz replacing Sebastian Vettel. Three-time race winner Charles Leclerc remains at the team for a third season.

Ferrari will launch the new car on Feb. 26.

Preseason testing starts in Bahrain on March 12, ahead of the first race at the same venue on March 28.